Bubble Wrap 25m Handipack 300mm wide (P)

$10.00 each

25m rolls $10 each

If you are considering buying 3 rolls or more

Have a look at 100m rolls of 300mm wide $30.00 each – see below


Bubble Handipack 25m Roll

Perforated every metre

300mm wide

25m long

10mm bubbles


This is “Medium Grade” Bubble wrap – suiatable for most applications.

It features one skin of flat plastic with a layer of 10mm bubbles moulded to the other side.

It is both versatile and economical and is commonly used for a wide range of wrapping applications.

These rolls feature convenient easy to tear perforations each metre  – that is not to say that they will tear when you dont want them to.


Additional information

Weight 10 kg

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