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Frequently Asked Questions

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How to best package my household goods for moving

With a little care, planning and common sense, you and your precious household goods will both arrive in good condition.

We recommend doing the job once and doing the job right – spend a little more time and effort on quality packing techniques and packing products to protect your goods.
It is worth considering that most damage comes from vibration. Think of a stack of dishes in a box on the bed of a bouncing truck. No matter how well the sides are padded, a firm up-and-down jolt could crack the entire stack. On the other hand, dishes packed on edge and surrounded by bubble wrap have a better chance of surviving the trip unharmed.

Packing techniques:
“Never” pack a box that you can’t lift later. Also don’t lift boxes that are too heavy, If you hurt yourself during the move it will be a very stressful situation.
Think about the weight of your items and decide whether they would be best in a Book box or a Tea Chest box. Consider this: if you fill a Tea chest box with books it can weigh up to 60kg, which is well outside safe limits for one person.
Pack one room at a time, use the pen supplied with our packing kit and label each box with a description of its contents and its destination (e.g., kitchen, bathroom). Be as specific as you can as it will make unpacking that much easier.
Don’t apply tape directly to polished or painted wood finishes. Removing the tape could ruin the surface.
With fragile items add plenty of cushioning by using paper, bubble wrap or even packing blankets for larger items.
For items with a delicat surface (i.e. fine bone china) you may wish to wrap these with tissue paper to better protect the surface

Prepare for the first night in your new home; by packing essential items (don’t forget the pillows) and keep separate from general items. You may even want to prepare a simple meal that you can heat and serve on your first night. For each person in the household: a change of clothes, a towel, a toothbrush, and other personal items. Consider packing: plastic utensils, paper plates, paper towels, plastic cups, toilet paper, toiletries, trash bags, a flashlight, first aid kit including pain relievers, pencil and paper, snacks, beverages, and re-closable plastic bags. A small tool kit for re-assembling items that couldn’t be moved whole may come in very handy.

Should you purchase one of our moving kits these are supplied with a copy of this guide and an essentials box:

Inside your essentials box we recommend you place:

The current paperwork that is likely to be sitting on your fridge, counter or desktop
Spare Keys and garage door remote
Phone and ipad chargers
Any daily or important medication so it is readily at hand
Any vital documentation you may need or may be difficult to replace
The box knife supplied with the kit (for unpacking)
Maybe some tissues, bandaids and panadol
Possibly the kids favourite DVD
We then recommend you take this box with you personally for peace of mind

Specialty packing recommendations:

Disassemble the bed frame. Tie rails and cross-pieces together with packing tape or bundle film. Be sure to mark where pieces fit together for reassembly. We recommend using mattress bags to protect your mattress from soiling in transit. For an ensemble you will require a mattress bag for each piece.
Bicycles, Tricycles, Baby Carriages:
Loosen and turn handlebars where to save space. Clean and cover chains and pedals to protect other items from being snagged or soiled.

Dresses, coats, suits – anything hanging in closets – travel best in Porta-robe Boxes, which can be used seasonally as “extra closets” for wardrobe storage. Other clothes can remain folded in their regular dresser drawers. Check with your removalist before leaving clothing in drawers, should you have to unload your draws we would recommend tea chest boxes.

Comforters, Pillows, Large/Light Items:
Tea Chest Boxes will be best for packing light bulky items. If you have small fragile items, you can pack a few in between the pillows for extra protection – just don’t forget to mark them on the box and use caution when unpacking.

Dishwasher/Washing Machine:
Stuff towels between machine sides and tub to keep tub from rotating. Pad exterior well. Disconnect hoses, put in plastic bag.
We can supply Washer or Dryer shippers for secure shipping if required or you could wrap in packing blankets.

Defrost and dry interiors well. If you are tight on space you can fill the interior spaces with lightweight linens, clothing or stuffed toys. If lay your refrigerator down for moving, make sure it stands upright for at least 24 hours before plugging in. We can supply Fridge or Freezer packing blankets and shippers for secure shipping if required. Please use caution with modern fridges as they dent easily – try not to apply as minimal pressure as possible to the doors

Secure drawers with pad or blanket and tape. Do not overload / overpack drawers.

Individually wrap each piece. Book Boxes will fit most kitchenware without making the box too heavy. Place saucers, plates and platters on edge – DO NOT STACK FLAT. Cups and bowls may be placed inside each other and wrapped three or four in a bundle. We recommend Tea Chest boxes for your plastics and lighter kitchen goods.

Fine Furniture:
You may want to wrap your best furniture in bubble wrap or a furniture blanket, not only to protect it from scratching, but to keep dust and dirt off the upholstery. Make sure to wrap the item very tight to prevent snags while you are moving. For lounges we offer both 2 and 3 seater lounge “furniture bags” which help prevent soiling in transit.

Wrap each glass separately in packing paper or bubble wrap. Nest with paper at the bottom of the box and between items to provide adequate cushioning

Pots, pans, plastic ware etc. can be stacked in a Tea Chest box with packing paper between them.

To provide protection and save on space we recommend removing the shades and packing separately, bases in most cases can be safely wrapped in bubble wrap or boxes if they are particularly ornate, fragile or precious. You may want to consider a 500 cube box from the range for the shades

Lawn Mowers:
Remove or fold down the handle and drain fuel and oil before loading.

Major appliances:
Check with the appliance dealer for any special moving instructions.
For all large appliances, remove loose fittings and accessories and pack separately. Tie down, tape or wedge all movable parts and doors. The Box Man can supply heavy duty boxes for most major appliances – email for details

Mirrors, Paintings, Prints:
Small mirrors can be well wrapped in paper and packed in boxes. For a larger mirrors and large picture frames Picture Boxes work best.
You can choose from standard sizes or lodge a request for a quote on a custom size (this service is price competitive)
Mark “GLASS” on the outside to prevent mishandling. Always pack and store upright.

Stereos computers and TVs:
Consider using shipper boxes or having boxes custom made for expensive items.

Statues and figurines:
We can make you a made to measure shipper for your item or multiple items, we do warn however that items over 40kg will need special attention (please advise should this be the case). You can lodge a quote request for a heavy duty shipper via the website.

For large tables, remove legs and bundle film together. Put hardware in small sealed envelope taped to underside of table top. Wrap the top with a furniture blanket.

TV’s (Flatscreens):
You can choose from slimline or custom flatscreen tv boxes, or if its not precious you can wrap in a furniture blanket and ship standing up ensuring no pressure is applied to the screen.

You may consider packing these separately in a box that stays with you or is well hidden within another box.

Can I get a custom box made to order?

You can definitely  get a custom box made – that is our core business. Be it a one off custom box or a small production run, we are more than happy to help.

We are also the leading custom one off manufacturer in WA. (normal lead time 1 working day)

One off boxes for artwork, statues, machinery, bikes, electronics etc are our specialty “at reasonable prices”.

We the leading small volume box manufacturer in W.A. (normal lead time 2-3 working days)

Check out our list of available designs and start customising your box. You can also get a quote on a custom box.

Can I pick up my order from in store?

You are most welcome to save on delivery charges and collect in store.

We are open weekdays from 7.30 a to 4.30 pm.

Note: While at the checkout of this website, be sure to choose “Pick Up – in store – Welshpool W.A. (Free)”.

How long should it take to prepare my order for Pick-up?

In general our lead times are as follows:

For a one off box – please allow 1 working day for production.

For a small production run please allow 2-3 working days fro production.

For items purchased from our online store pelase allow 1 working day for preparation of stock for collection or despatch.

What are the lead times for interstate shipping

For deliveries outside Perth metro we ship out on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Normal freight lead times are:

  • Shipping to Adelaide 2 days
  • Shipping to Melbourne 4 days
  • Shipping to Sydney 4 days
  • Shipping to Brisbane 5 days
  • Shipping to Hobart 5 days
  • Darwin 6-7 days

As we use a third party carrier we cannot guarantee the above schedules, we are however confident most orders are delivered within the schedules lead times listed above.

If you are outside of the metro areas listed lead times will be longer – please consider this before purchasing.

What payment methods do you accept in this website?

This website uses STRIPE for the payment gateway which allows you to pay by credit/debit card and Apple Pay.  If you wish to pay by another method, contact us via email or phone prior to placing your order.

How can I view the product and assembly guides?

To view the Product Guides or Assembly Guides you will need the free Adobe Acrobat reader.

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