Trays-Warehouse Trays

Warehouse trays are just as the name implies – warehouse storage trays.

Often used in bulk fixtures or racking to accommodate product, whilst remaining visible once it is broken down from a bulk pack.

Commonly used by one of our clients for their range of safety gear, high visibility clothing etc to make stock picking easier for warehouse staff.


Warehouse Trays

Are you looking for the ideal way to store small- to medium-sized parts, accessories, or other products in your warehouse? Warehouse trays are most commonly used to store products in a compact space while retaining optimal visibility of the items for fast and easy picking.

Whether you are looking to store goods in your warehouse, your home workshop, or your hobby room, warehouse storage trays offer the solution you need. Some benefits of using warehouse trays include:

  • Save space: You don’t need loads of space to store your goods. You can save space and have your storage space look neat and orderly. A compact shelf and some trays are all you need to store your goods effectively.
  • Improve efficiency: Knowing exactly where everything is makes your life easier in so many ways. You don’t ever have to search for parts or accessories, plus you can see when you are running low on stock.
  • Cost effective: Why spend thousands on storage when there is a cost-effective storage method? Trays are inexpensive, sturdy, and long-lasting.

We offer a wide range of quality boxes and storage solutions for all applications at highly competitive prices.

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