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Sustainability at the boxman

The Box Man is committed to offering sustainably-sourced and eco friendly solutions. As a 100% Australian owned company, we also prioritize stocking Australian Products. All of our stock cardboard and the vast majority of our stock box lines are made in Australia from Australian sustainably managed forests.

We stock cardboard with recycled content ranging from minimum 50% to maximum 100% . All stock contains recycled internal paper(s) to enhance sustainability.

We primarily focus on brown stock as it does not require the harsh chemical bleaching required for white cardboard. The only white stock held is 3mm thick (kraft brown on the inside).

We continue to do our part to reduce our carbon footprint in our business and our manufacturing processes and we recycling 99% of our paper and cardboard waste, In 2022 we recycled more than 150 tonnes of paper / cardboard waste, with that figure on the rise in 2023.

The Box Man continues to make decisions to improve manufacturing processes and to phase out products that do not align with our sustainability goals. We are continuously working to identify and stock eco-friendly packaging supplies. This includes reducing petroleum-based products or moving across to biodegradable alternatives, with the goal of moving to bioplastic alternatives as soon as they become a viable alternative.

Recycled percentage of our stock cardboard

2mm thick recycled brown 100%

3mm thick recycled brown 100%

3mm white (brown inside) 50%

3mm kraft brown 50%

4mm kraft brown 50%

5mm kraft (twin cushion) 80%

7mm kraft (twin cushion) 65%

Note: These figures are subject to some variation

All stock sheets are:

Note: A very small amount of our cardboard product range is sourced from outside Australia – in which case country of origin will be note on the individual product details on the website.


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