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Proudly West Australian owned and operated, providing cardboard products throughout Australia.


We are moving our freight service to TNT / Fed Ex, in  Nov / Dec 2021.

With the recent acquisition of TNT by Fed Ex we are confident this should provide a more reliable service and improved traceability of your orders.

Overnight service will now be available on request (as an additional cost)


In Jan 2022 freight will be fully integrated, making it even more reliable.

We thank you for your patience during the transition.


Kind Regards



Made to Measure

We now do a daily batch of custom shipping boxes.

If ordered by noon these are generally available for collection noon the next working day.

For volume orders or general box quote requests please use this form.


Choose from the following designs:

Design 1) GP SHIPPER
General purpose shipper (Regular slotted carton design made in our heavy cardboard). hese are a great general purpose option. They are strong and simple, but will require tape to close.

Design 2) PICT
Made in our heavy cardboard: used mostly for shipping; art, glass, mirrors, prints, canvasses etc. These have been tried and tested in the removal industry for over a decade.

Design 3) 2PG
Supplied as a full height tray and a full depth lid set. This is a heavy duty construction providing excellent strength. If your product is heavy, we recommend the use of a pallet / skid underneath.

Design 4) L-T-L SET
LID TRAY AND LINER SET – min height 300mm. These are the strongest boxes we make. Supplied as a matching lid and tray (150mm deep) and a full height liner set. As these boxes get larger we increase number of the liner sections for added strength. This is a heavy duty construction providing excellent strength. If your product is heavy, we recommend the use of a pallet / skid underneath.

This quote form is specifically for low volume orders of heavy duty shipping boxes

For general box quote requests use this form.

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