Sustainable Packaging

At The Box Man, we are committed to supplying sustainable, eco-friendly packaging solutions that reduce the carbon footprint and help protect the earth. Our sustainable packaging lines include products made from 100% recycled cardboard and products made from kraft cardboard, which contains recycled content.

Recycled cardboard – Our recycled cardboard products are 100% recycled — no virgin fibre is used in recycled cardboard. Recycled cardboard is primarily used for small and lightweight products. The Box Man stocks products two thicknesses of 100% recycled cardboard — 2mm and 3mm.

Kraft Cardboard – Our kraft cardboard contains a virgin/fibre mix for the outside paper layers. This provides high tear strength and high tensile strength and resistance to moisture. Kraft cardboard is refrigerator and freezer compatible. The inner flute and paper of kraft cardboard is made from recycled fiber.
The recycled content of our kraft board is:
• 3mm – 50%
• 4mm – 47%
• 5mm – 80%
• 7mm – 65%

All our kraft cardboard is sourced from companies that follow sustainable forestry practices in the supply of the cardboard.

In addition to our stock lines, The Box Man also manufactures custom boxes using the same sustainable cardboard. If you don’t find a product that meets your specific needs from our stock lines, request a custom quote or contact us about manufacturing eco-friendly, sustainable custom boxes.

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