PB-300S: 300-300-150mm

$2.25 each

300 cube boxes:

Each $2.25

order 25pce $2.00 each

order 100pce $1.80 each

order 300pce $1.40 each (approx 1/2 pallet)



300 Short Boxes   3mm thick kraft cardboard

300mm long   300mm wide  150mm tall

all sizing internal


note: The inside base flaps of this item features our web address and reorder code


These “300 Cube Boxes” are made from 3mm Thick Kraft cardboard which offers affordable protection for your goods.

Unless you are filling them with heavy or sharp components these should hold up to the riggers of postal or courier services.

They are available: each, by the bundle, as a 100pce pack or even by the pallet (price available on request).

Should you require tape, suitable tape is listed below.



Additional information

Weight 0.6 kg

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