PB-BOOK: Book Box: 410x300x435mm

$3.00 each


Each $3.96 $3.00
Order 15 pieces $3.58 each $2.80
Order 100 pieces $3.26 each $2.50



“Book Boxes”   4mm thick kraft cardboard   (UNPRINTED)
410mm long   300mm wide   435mm tall
all sizing internal

When it comes to household packing boxes the Book Box and the Tea Chest Box are the two most commonly used moving boxes in Australia.

The book box is excellent for packing Books, DVD’s. collectibles etc.

They are a good size to carry and are usually managable when full by one person.


For larger items you may wish to consider Using Tea Chest boxes (see link below).

They are great for shipping; toys, linen, clothing and plastic goods.



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Weight 1.4 kg

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