Cardboard Cubby Small

$42.00 each

Cardboard Cubby Houses

Price each – $42 each
10 pieces – $29.40 each

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Toy Cubby House: Length 800mm, Width 600mm, Wall height 1100mm and total height 1300mm

Complete with: with base tray – walls and a removable drop in  roof


Made from our heavy duty 7mm thick, 100% recyclable, sustainably sourced Australian cardboard


“Immerse your child in a world of creativity with our eco-friendly cardboard toys”.

From “Play Houses” to “Drive-thru cars”, these imaginative wonders are not only fun to play with but also environmentally conscious.

Buy them, love them, and when the adventures are over, recycle them guilt-free.

Encourage sustainability while sparking endless joy and imagination in your little ones.


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