TV Box: Slimline 1730mm long : 75″ Tv Box

$65.00 each

Slimline TV Box  – 1730mm Long – $65.00 each

These items require a large space to store so we only carry a couple of each size in stock

Please advise first if you wish to collect and we will ensure we have stock available

Please note: if the tv won’t fit in your car, please dont expect the box to fit in your car as it is significantly bigger



Slimline TV Box  1730mm long: 75″ TV box

This box will accommodate most 75″ TV’s, which are approx 1690mm long

We highly recommend measuring your the length of your tv before purchasing


This style of TV box is based on a simple yet strong picture carton design – with 6 styrene wedges

These units are only suitable for TV’s with the base removed

Length 1730mm (the maximum length of tv – from left to right)

Width 200mm (this does not allow for shipping with the foot attached)

Height 990-1090mm (adjustable)


To see what size you require – measure the total length of your tv – from left to right

The simply choose the next size up box – i.e. TV 1680mm needs a Slimline 1730mm TV Box



Additional information

Weight 60 kg