Half Pallet boxes 1100 x 550mm 745mm Tall

$27.00 each

The box pictured is half palbox – 990 tall

half palbox – 745 high

Each $27.00

10 Pack $25.00 each


Pallets are not included


Half Pallet Boxes 1100 x 550mm

Walls 745mm High


A Self locking lid and tray set (pair)

2 matching u-shaped 745mm high walls

(The walls overlap fully on the 550mm width)


Half Pallets boxes are excellent for shipping and storage of bulky or heavy goods


Some common  uses are:

Using as a bulk bin to ship bulk smaller components onto minesites

Shipping of playgound equipment across Australia

Long term storage of equipment and parts



When stacking pallet boxes please consider the total weight to be stacked and the suitability of the pallets to be used

When packing products that have lateral load against the walls you will need to tape the corners when filling

Pallet Boxes – do not come with pallets supplied


Additional information

Weight 14 kg

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