Household packaging kit (1 bedroom)

$120.50 $100.00 each

Packing Kit to suit a 1 bedroom apartment $100


Household Packing Kit: 1 Bed

Our experience shows that this kit will provide an excellent foundation for packing up a 1 bedroom apartment.

Moving boxes:

10 x “Tea Chest” boxes

15 x “Book” boxes

1 x “Pot” box

Packing Accessories:

1 x 300mm wide x 25m bubble wrap

1 x “Utility Box” containing:

1 x Information pack to make moving easier

1 x Packing tape

1 x Marker pen

1 x Knife


Total value $120.50

Cost $100


You may wish to suppliment your kit with additional items such as: Picture cartons, butchers paper or bubble wrap for delicate items.

Additional information

Weight 60 kg

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