Book Mailer A6 15mm (with crush zone) 25pce pack

$45.00 each

A6 Book Mailer 15mm high (25 pack)

25pce $45.00 ($1.80 each)

50pce $84.00 ($1.68 each)

100pce $152.00 ($1.52 each)

200pce $280.00 ($1.40 each)


A6 BOOK MAILER “with crush zone”


Sizing: 150-107-15mm (2mm Larger than a stock a6 sheet)


These feature a sacrificial crush zone on the ends to protect your books

These are made from 3mm thick kraft brown cardboard

Note: the image shown was made in white inside cardboard to highlight the design

These will be supplied in brown both sides cardboard – for additional strength

The featured image is an A5 Book Mailer

We hold little to no stock of this line – lead time is normally 1 to 2 days


Custom sizes available on request

Additional information

Weight 4 kg